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Getting the Android App, messageLOUD is easy. Simply download the messageLOUD App from the Google Play Store and begin listening to your texts and emails out loud immediately.

We at messageLOUD also love gifting, whether it be to a beloved other or to your beloved self. In fact, we love it so LOUDLY that we made gifting affordable and oh-so-easy so you can read texts messages and emails out loud today. Let your friends and family start listening to their texts (sms’s), Email, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook messages out loud, too! When you purchase the messageLOUD app as a gift, you get a lifetime of safety. With gifting messageLOUD for Android, you save lives!

listen to your texts and emails out loud

The reasons to get the messageLOUD App for Android are many – safety, productivity, safety, workability, safety, connectivity, safety, mobility, safety, activity, safety, affordability, safety, flexibility, safety, proficiency… and safety.

The reasons not to get messageLOUD are none. Unless of course you don’t have a smartphone, in which case you probably aren’t reading this right now.

Some apps make life better. Other apps make life easier. Our app makes life better, easier, and safer. Read your your texts (sms’s), Email, WhatsApp and Facebook messages out loud. Distraction free.


Be safe. Get LOUD.

Why wait? Get messageLOUD now!

listen to your texts and emails out loud now

messageLOUD for iOS

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