Never text and drive again. Get the Android app that reads texts and messages out loud.

Safety first. Second. And third. While driving along the roads of life, messageLOUD’s DRIVEmode makes you safer.

When you get into your automobile, activate messageLOUD’s DRIVEmode and messageLOUD will read texts, messages and emails to you while you drive. Then, without ever looking at your device, you can hear your message, dismiss it, delete it, or call the sender back.

DRIVEmode ensures that you never text and drive again. Our Android App is designed to read texts, messages, WhatsApp messages and emails out loud while you drive. It’s that simple, and safe. DRIVEmode keeps your hands on the wheel, keeps your eyes on the road, and keeps you distraction-free.

How does messageLOUD make driving safer?

Reading or replying to email, messages and texts while driving is dangerous. So dangerous that it is responsible for 26% of all car accidents.

Ask yourself this question: Is it possible to drive safely while staying connected to your messages?

Now, let’s analyze your drive.

1) As you sit behind the wheel of your car, you listen to the radio, to your navigation, to the honking of horns, to the backseat driver who knows better. Your ears are fully deployed. So, what if you could also listen to your email and texts without employing any other senses?

2) You primarily control your car by touch, adjusting the volume, changing the station, turning on your windshield wipers, indicators, cruise control, or AC. So, what if you could have your messages read aloud, and then dismiss or delete your messages with only a touch or two as well?

messageLOUD was born to answer these questions. Our messageLOUD App reads your messages out loud to you automatically so that you can listen to your texts (sms’s), Email, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook messages while you drive safely. And messageLOUD allows you to dismiss or delete your messages with a simple tap or two, without ever looking at your phone. This is how messageLOUD makes driving safer.

drive and listen to emails and textsmessageLOUD works LOUDEST when using a car mount. The mount cradles your phone, optimizing our patented gestures to enhance driving safety.

Feel free to use any car mount you like, though this one here comes LOUDLY recommended.




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