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Being supportive never hurt anyone. And LOUD supports you.

We know that you may have questions. It’s the LOUD thing to have answers. We also know that, in addition to giving tips, every once in a while you’d like to receive them too.

Here you will find LOUD answers to FAQs and LOUD tips to make your messaging experience as safe, easy, and pleasant as possible.

How do I get my WhatsApp messages read out LOUD?
There are two ways to ensure WhatsApp is activated on messageLOUD. First, On your messageLOUD app dashboard, tap the WhatsApp icon so that it displays as green instead of grey. That means reading your WhatsApp messages is activated. Alternatively, go to Settings within the messageLOUD app, go to the ‘Manage Accounts’ Section, and ensure WhatsApp’s button is switched to the “on” position.
messageLOUD stopped reading my WhatsApp messages. What do I do?

You will need to turn notification access off and then back on again:
Go to the Settings area of your device.
Scroll down to Sound & Notifications.
Click on Notification Access: Uncheck messageLOUD and recheck it.
Click OK. You are now good to go.

On some devices (Samsung Galaxy S6 for example) these settings may be under Lock Screen & Security, Other Security Settings, Notification Access.

Can I call the sender back from a WhatsApp message?

Definitely, just swipe up at any time while the message is being read aloud.

Can I turn off messageLOUD reading my Group WhatsApp messages?

Yes you can:
• Within WhatsApp go to: Settings/Notifications/Group Notifications/Notification tone: Click on ‘silent’.
• At Settings/Notifications/Group Notifications: make sure that ‘Popup notification’ is set to ‘No popup’

Is there an autoresponder like for text messages?

Unfortunately not. WhatsApp does not allow us full integration to enable this. We will carry on trying…

What is messageLOUD?

messageLOUD is an app that automatically READS your texts (sms’s), Email, WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook messages out LOUD WITHOUT you having to look at your phone.

Why should I get messageLOUD?

Because our service makes your life safer and your lifestyle more productive.

Who is messageLOUD for?

Anyone who uses a smartphone for email and/or text.

Who is messageLOUD not for?

Anyone using a rotary phone. Anyone who does not email or text. Anyone living under a rock.

What operating systems are compatible with messageLOUD?

messageLOUD is available for Android devices version 4.1 jelly bean or higher. We plan on releasing an Apple/iOS version during 2016.

How does messageLOUD work?

Once you download the app from Google Play, you simply sign in with your email account and begin using messageLOUD immediately.

Which email accounts does messageLOUD support?
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Exchange

In 2016 we’ll be adding native IMAP support

MS Exchange login: I have confirmed that the login information entered is correct but it still will not allow me to connect.

In some circumstances your Exchange administrator prevents externals apps and other systems from accessing. You will need to have them allow messageLOUD to access, so talk to your companies IT department to arrange this please.

Why isn’t messageLOUD free?

The best things in life usually aren’t. Your one-time lifetime purchase supports our LOUD features and enables us to constantly develop even LOUDER innovations.

Will you be adding other messaging types?

We are working on providing additional messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. Join our email list at the bottom of this screen, to receive the latest updates.

Is messageLOUD split-screen compatible?

You know it! If your smartphone is split-screen compatible, messageLOUD and, say, a navigation or music app, can run simultaneously in split screen mode.

Can messageLOUD pause if I get an incoming call?

Yes! messageLOUD will pause for an incoming call and automatically resume once you are done.
(Please note that if a call interrupts a message being read aloud, messageLOUD may not replay that message.)

Can I use messageLOUD while my music or navigation is on?

Yes! messageLOUD will ‘dim’ your music when it reads a message out loud, as well as patiently wait for your navigation to stop speaking before reading your messages out loud.

With another app active (say nav or music), messageLOUD can run in the foreground OR background. (Please note that you can only use gestures to dismiss or delete a message when messageLOUD is running in the foreground.)

Can messageLOUD pause when my navigation is speaking?

Yes! messageLOUD will pause to let your navigation give you directions.

Can I use messageLOUD when my phone is locked?

Yes it will. To use screen gestures you will need to unlock the screen of course.

What languages does messageLOUD support?

messageLOUD recommends Google TTS (Text To Speech) engine which supports: Cantonese, Dutch, English (India), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Thai and Turkish. To change your language, go to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output. Select Google Text-to-speech Engine as your preferred engine. Click on the gear icon. Click on install voice data. Choose your preferred language. Download your choice of voice. Click back to get to Language. Click on Language and choose the voice you just downloaded. You are all set!

What are messageLOUD’s modes?

messageLOUD has three modes: 1) DRIVEmode for when you are behind the wheel; 2) ACTIVEmode for when you are exercising; 3) WORKmode for when you are in the office.

Does messageLOUD really make driving safer?

YES! By reading your texts (sms’s), WhatsApp messages and emails out LOUD to you, messageLOUD ensures that you never look at your phone and that you keep your eyes peeled to the road.

Can I get messageLOUD for my teenagers?

How can you not? Simply click here to make your loved ones’ drive safer today!

Why should I get messageLOUD for my teens?

Because it will make their lives safer by taking their phones out of their hands as they drive. (Not to mention what it will do for your peace of mind.)

What do I do with my phone in DRIVE mode?

Car MountmessageLOUD works LOUDEST when using a car mount. The mount cradles your phone, optimizing our patented gestures to enhance driving safety. Feel free to use any car mount you like, though this one here comes LOUDLY recommended.

messageLOUD reads my email/text out loud, then what?

After your message is read (or anytime during), use our patented gestures to pause, dismiss, delete the message, or call back the sender without ever looking at your device!

What are messageLOUD’s gestures and how do they work?

LOUD’s gestures are the taps and swipes that allow you to safely interact with our app. Single-tap to pause reading a message. Another tap to replay the message. Double-tap to dismiss a message. Swipe down to delete a message. Swipe up to call the sender.

When I am driving and using my navigation with messageLOUD in the background, if I get a message it brings messageLOUD to the foreground but it does not go back afterwards.

Android prevents us from doing this so we suggest you use your phone in split-screen mode in this instance. (Most Android devices support split screen usage.)

Can I adjust the speed at which the messages are read out loud?

Absolutely: Go to Settings on your device, Language & input, Text to speech. Click on Speech rate and adjust. (Note that on some devices speech rate may be located slightly differently, but trust us, its there.)

Can I adjust the voice that reads my messages out loud?

For sure: Go to Settings on your device, Language & input, Text to speech. Click on Gear icon to the right of Google Text-to-speech. Click on language. Choose your preferred voice. Typically in English you can choose from United Kingdom, United States or India. Note that you may need to install voice data for this voice. (Found on that same screen). Google voices are all free.

Can I download and use a ‘voice’ (Text to speech engine) that is not provided by Google?

Definitely, we support most, if not all, TTS Engines. Search in the Google Play Store under Text to speech. Some are free and others (the better ones) are a dollar or two. Download. Go to Settings on your device, Language & input, Text to speech and choose the TTS you just downloaded as your default. Adjust speech rate and you are good to go.

When should I activate ACTIVEmode?

ACTIVEmode is designed for exercises where you can see and touch your screen (think treadmill). For activities where this isn’t practical, like running, tightrope walking, equestrian, or pole-vaulting, we suggest you use DRIVEmode.

What else is ACTIVEmode good for?

Spinning, hot-air-ballooning, paddle-boating, dog-walking, stepping…

Does ACTIVEmode play nicely with my other exercise apps?

Fsho! ACTIVEmode is designed to read your messages in the foreground as your music, health, fitness, or yoga apps continue running uninterrupted in the background. Once your message is read (or triaged) the other apps will pop right back up without you or your apps breaking a sweat.

Does ACTIVEmode have any weaknesses?

Don’t we all. If, say, you were not active, ACTIVEmode would probably be superfluous.

Who is WORKmode for?

Anyone that isn’t retired and uses technology to receive messages.

What is a good WORKmode example?

Your dreaded spreadsheet is almost complete when an email pops into your inbox. If you stop working now you will never start up again; but how could you ever focus while an email festers unchecked? WORKmode lets you easily dismiss, read or delete your email with just one click. Problem solved, crisis averted.

How does WORKmode make me more productive?

One word, my friend: Triage! With WORKmode you never have to waste time toggling between desktops and laptops and tablets; you can streamline all your messages as you work.

What if I want to use WORKmode stealthily (without my boss knowing)?

You can set WORKmode to vibrate so that you know a message is coming in but no one else does. Or put on your headphones.

My Gmail account requires 2-step authentication. What do I do?

To protect users, Google offers an added security and sign-on protection option called “2-step verification.” This means that every time a user accesses a service from Google, such as Gmail, files on “Drive” or other password protected resources from a PC, a smartphone, a TV or a tablet, that user will be instantly be sent an SMS text code to their cell phone, and then asked to enter that code along with the correct password. When 2-step verification is “turned on” with a user account, all third party smartphone apps needing access to Gmail, including messageLOUD, cannot access it without a special, additional password (one not sent to the phone) that is dynamically generated just for that app by Google at the user’s settings page.

The result is that 2-step verification can make Gmail accounts inaccessible from the messageLOUD app, until the user adjusts settings and requests a specific app password for messageLOUD. Get instructions on how to get your App Password here.




Can I customize my experience?

For you, anything. You can easily configure all three modes of messageLOUD to best serve your needs. You can choose which emails to receive and when, you can turn on an auto responder, you can set voice and volume. You can even silence the thing, which is more than can be said for most people.

What if I want to respond automatically while staying safe?

We have a wonderful and customizable auto-respond feature that is just the thing. We provide canned auto-responses or you can author an uncanny response of your own.

What if I don’t want that email from my long lost Nigerian prince cousin read to me out loud?

No worries. You can configure messageLOUD to filter and read only the emails and texts important to you. All else will remain in that mysterious alternate universe with all those missing socks.

What else can SETTINGS do for me?

You can categorize certain contacts as important, and have only their messages read out loud to you as you drive, are active, or are working.

How do I pay for messageLOUD?

You can purchase a lifetime subscription for messageLOUD at the Google Play Store.

What forms of payment can I use to pay for messageLOUD?

Any forms of payment you have attached to your Google Play account will be accepted.

What happens to my subscription when I switch devices?

If you upgrade or change your device, you will need to have the same Google Play Account registered on that device to transfer your subscription. For any issues, please contact LOUD support.

I paid for the app and its not working. What do I do?

Feel free to contact us LOUDLY with a detailed explanation of your issue, and we will do our very best to resolve it. Most of your support questions may be answered in this FAQ section.

How will I be notified of any changes to messageLOUD’s pricing?

If there are any changes to the messageLOUD service, you will be notified via email. To subscribe to messageLOUD news and update, visit

Is my credit card/payment information secure?

Yes, it is totally safe to enter credit card details to purchase from the Google Play Store. All the transactions with Google are marked by “https,” meaning all the communication between your phone and Google’s server is via a secure channel. The information that you send is encrypted by a complex algorithm and is then decrypted back on the server. In simple words, your credit card information will not be compromised.

How do I update my credit card information?
  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Touch the Menu icon > My account > Add payment method or More payment settings.
  3. If prompted, sign in to and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. For more information about the payment options available when you select Add payment method (for example: carrier billing, PayPal, and Google Play credit), go to accepted payment methods.
What data of mine do you store?

We store your email address/es only. These are protected by the very latest security standards. Your email address/es will never be sold or even shared with any third party.

Will using messageLOUD affect my data plan?

When you use messageLOUD, you are accessing the internet to get your emails in exactly the same way as your email app. The good news is that there are no images needed for our application to work and text is very small in data terms. We believe you will see only a negligible uptick in data usage, if at all.

Does messageLOUD have access to my emails?

No, we do not and cannot. We do not access nor store your emails in any way.


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