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whatsapplogo messageLOUD now reads WhatsApp messages out LOUD!

Never again will you miss your crazy uncle’s selfies, old yearbook screenshots, or strange group chats. Are you an existing messageLOUD subscriber? You’ll need to update your version. New subscriber? Read on for more details on how to get started.

Below are answers to common questions surrounding the setup and features of WhatsApp with messageLOUD.

How do I get my WhatsApp messages read out LOUD?
There are two ways to ensure WhatsApp is activated on messageLOUD. First, On your messageLOUD app dashboard, tap the WhatsApp icon so that it displays as green instead of grey. That means reading your WhatsApp messages is activated. Alternatively, go to Settings within the messageLOUD app, go to the ‘Manage Accounts’ Section, and ensure WhatsApp’s button is switched to the “on” position.
messageLOUD stopped reading my WhatsApp messages. What do I do?

You will need to turn notification access off and then back on again:
Go to the Settings area of your device.
Scroll down to Sound & Notifications.
Click on Notification Access: Uncheck messageLOUD and recheck it.
Click OK. You are now good to go.

On some devices (Samsung Galaxy S6 for example) these settings may be under Lock Screen & Security, Other Security Settings, Notification Access.

Can I call the sender back from a WhatsApp message?

Definitely, just swipe up at any time while the message is being read aloud.

Can I turn off messageLOUD reading my Group WhatsApp messages?

Yes you can:
• Within WhatsApp go to: Settings/Notifications/Group Notifications/Notification tone: Click on ‘silent’.
• At Settings/Notifications/Group Notifications: make sure that ‘Popup notification’ is set to ‘No popup’

Is there an autoresponder like for text messages?

Unfortunately not. WhatsApp does not allow us full integration to enable this. We will carry on trying…