Can condoms prevent distracted driving?

You cannot stop them doing it, but you can make it safer. Safe Driving Is Like Safe Sex: It’s All About Protection. Safe Sex, Safe Texts, Safe Driving Unprotected sex is dangerous – so is unprotected driving. Contraceptives, coupled with sex education...
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Give SAFE. Gift LOUD

This holiday season, give the gift of LOUD! To put gifting into context, the elves at messageLOUD compiled a top-ten-list (or bottom-ten-list) of the worst holiday gifts ever conceived. Gift responsibly: #10 A stocking stuffed with stuffed stockings....
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Images LOUDER Than Words

An image is worth a thousand words. An image is simply LOUDER than a word. Here are a few images to help drive home the messageLOUD point, and drive it home safely. messageLOUD ensures that you don’t text and drive while auto-correcting life safely...
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In The Driver’s Seat

It can drive you crazy. Worse, it can drive you to the grave. An estimated 1-in-4 car crashes involves cell phone use. As our smartphones get smarter it seems our decisions get dumber. The numbers don’t lie and they are scary. A recent survey...
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